Area trails: The following trails are the most popular mountain biking trails in the Shawnee. Please note that many trails have spurs, some of which are unmarked, and it’s easy to get lost on the trails. It would be a good idea to have a GPS, compass, and a map available.

  • Cedar lake/Cove Hollow
  • Kinkaid
  • Lake Glendale
  • Franks Track
  • High Knob
  • Touch of Nature

NOTE: The maps and directions provide on this website are for reference ONLY. Do NOT rely on these maps when navigating these trails. When in doubt, you should always carry a USGS topo map and it recommended that you do not ride any of these trails without knowledge of the area. It would be in your best interest to ride with someone familiar with the trails, as to not get lost. Post up on the forum if you want to ride an area that you are unfamiliar with. Also note that the Shawnee National Forest (SNF) has multiple “user” created trail that may lead you down the wrong path, so be prepared! Most of the trail intersections in the SNF are NOT marked, so it would be wise to bring a compass and reference your location frequently. As always, please respect private property and no-trespassing signs. Get permission from land-owners before riding across private property. Lastly, please do not short-cut trails or cut new trails.